Fernando Antonio Herrera

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The umbilicoplasty is a key component of abdominoplasty and closure of autologous abdominal wall donor sites in breast reconstruction (TRAM/DIEP). The aesthetically-pleasing umbilicus tends to be small and vertically-oriented in nature, with superior hooding and shadow, inferior retraction and slope, and positioning at the topmost level of the iliac crest.(More)
Graft infections are one of the most challenging issues in surgery with an incidence of 0.7 to 7 per cent, with femoral site infections being the most common (13% incidence). The gold standard treatment has been graft removal, wide débridement, and extra-anatomical bypass. Routine excision of infected peripheral arterial grafts and vascular reconstruction(More)
BACKGROUND Tissue expansion is currently the most common method used in prosthetic breast reconstruction. Skin-sparing mastectomy techniques have facilitated immediate placement of a permanent implant. Proposed benefits to immediate implants include less time and fewer operations to complete reconstruction. Whether it leads to poorer outcomes remains(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, there are two genres of surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, open versus endoscopic. The goal of our study is to analyze published data by comparing outcomes of surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome and determine if one approach is superior to the other (open versus endoscopic). METHODS A meta-analysis of(More)
The purpose of this study is to determine the initial career choice of plastic surgery residents after completion of training during the last five years and to identify any factors that may influence choice of career path. Demographic data were obtained from graduates of Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)-accredited US plastic(More)
Patients who are obese are believed to be at greater risk of developing intraoperative and postoperative complications than their nonobese counterparts. Many studies have shown that there is a higher prevalence of obesity among the Veterans Affairs patient population. We performed a retrospective review of 941 patients presenting to a single Veterans(More)
BACKGROUND Soft tissue defects of the scalp may result from multiple etiologies and can be challenging to reconstruct. We discuss our experience with scalp replantation and secondary microvascular reconstruction over 36 years, including techniques pioneered at our institution with twin-twin scalp allotransplant and innervated partial superior latissimus(More)
The purpose of our study was to determine the factors that influence the use of telemedicine consultation by primary care physicians (PCPs) in the management of patients with problem wounds. A short questionnaire was administered to thirty-six PCPs who referred to our Wound Care Program within one year. Participants were asked to rate the importance of(More)
BACKGROUND Facial paralysis of the lower face presents severe functional and aesthetic disturbance to patients. The gamut of facial paralysis correction is diverse and must be tailored to the patient. When nerve repair or free functional muscle transfer is unavailable, regional muscle transfer has become a staple in surgical management of facial paralysis.(More)