Fernando Antonio Aguilera Ramírez

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Transformer-4 version 2.0.1 (T4) is a multi-platform freeware programmed in java that can transform a genotype matrix in Excel or XML format into the input formats of one or several of the most commonly used population genetic software, for any possible combination of the populations that the matrix contains. T4 also allows the users to (i) draw allozyme(More)
This article provides information on two screening platforms for the identification of regulators of G-protein signaling (RGS) protein modulators. Utilization of the yeast pheromone response pathway enabled the creation of a functional screen for RGS4 modulators. The RGSZ1-focused screen employs advances in yeast two-hybrid screening technologies and(More)
We previously proposed that DNA recombination/repair processes play a role in memory formation. Here, we examined the possible role of the fen-1 gene, encoding a flap structure-specific endonuclease, in memory consolidation of conditioned taste aversion (CTA). Quantitative real-time PCR showed that amygdalar fen-1 mRNA induction was associated to the(More)
To study the biology of regulators of G-protein signaling (RGS) proteins and to facilitate the identification of small molecule modulators of RGS proteins, the authors recently developed an advanced yeast 2-hybrid (YTH) assay format for GalphaZ and RGS-Z1. Moreover, they describe the development of a multiplexed luciferase-based assay that has been(More)
Antibiotics alter the homeostasis of microbial communities and select for antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the wild. Thus, the accumulation of unnaturally high concentration of these substances in the environment due to their use in human activities can be regarded as a neglected form of pollution, especially in countries with agricultural-based economies.(More)
This article presents a method for unraveling the hypercube and obtaining the 3D-cross (tesseract) that corresponds to the hyper-flattening of its boundary. The hypercube can be raveled back using the method in an inverse way. Also a method for visualizing the processes is presented. The transformations to apply include rotations around a plane(More)