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MADS-domain transcription factors play important roles during plant development. The Arabidopsis MADS-box gene SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE (SVP) is a key regulator of two developmental phases. It functions as a repressor of the floral transition during the vegetative phase and later it contributes to the specification of floral meristems. How these distinct(More)
Arabidopsis FT protein is a component of florigen, which transmits photoperiodic flowering signals from leaf companion cells to the shoot apex. Here, we show that FT specifically binds phosphatidylcholine (PC) in vitro. A transgenic approach to increase PC levels in vivo in the shoot meristem accelerates flowering whereas reduced PC levels delay flowering,(More)
  • David Fabián, Cevallos Salas, Fernando Andrés, Raúl David, Mejía Navarrete, Iván Marcelo +1 other
  • 2014
RESUMEN Este artículo presenta un plug-in para el Entorno de Desarrollo Integrado (IDE) NCL Composer, capaz de generar menús con varias características y funcionalidades personalizables. El plug-in brinda una interfaz gráfica amigable al usuario para diseñar menús y genera de forma automática el código en lenguaje NCL (Nested Context Language) de los menús(More)
The purpose was to determine the reliability and validity of the DADV scale to evaluate vision-related functional limitations in persons over 65 years. Cross sectional study was performed to determine the reliability and validity of a questionnaire (9 items). A total of 1387 subjects were selected by random sampling. An analysis of the intra/inter-observer(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have been conducted on supplementing the daily diet with plant sterol ester-enriched milk derivatives in order to reduce LDL-cholesterol levels and, consequently, cardiovascular risk. However, clinical practice guidelines on hypercholesterolaemia state that there is not sufficient evidence to recommend their use in subjects with(More)
BACKGROUND The difficulty in identifying and distinguishing Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) in primary care is well known. The main objective of this study is to determine the frequency of MDD in persons aged 65 years and older using the Detection of Depression in the Elderly Scale (DDES). A second objective is to determine the convergent validity of the(More)
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