Fernando Afonso Santos

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Two experiments were designed to evaluate the use of resynchronization (RESYNCH) protocols using a progestin-based timed artificial insemination (TAI) protocol in beef cattle. In experiment 1, 475 cyclic Nelore heifers were resynchronized 22 days after the first TAI using two different inducers of new follicular wave emergence (estradiol benzoate [EB; n =(More)
The requirements for quality of service (QoS) of applications in networks are becoming stricter. Toward to solve the routing problem in IP networks, MPLS architecture allows to define explicit routes in the network. This paper describes a multi-objective heuristic approach to solve the routing problem in MPLS networks. An evolutionary multi-objective(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop Portuguese evidence-based recommendations for pain management by pharmocotherapy in inflammatory arthritis. METHODS The Portuguese project was integrated in the multinational 3E Initiative (Evidence, Expertise, Exchange) 2010 where a total of 453 rheumatologists from 17 countries have participated. The clinical questions concerning(More)
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