Fernandes Karl

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  • F Karl
  • Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie
  • 1997
In their traditional fields, social workers increasingly have to deal with elderly people. Social work is implemented also in special facilities and services for old persons. In the basic education there is still no guarantee of a basic knowledge in social gerontology. This ist why further education programs are necessary. In a postgraduate curriculum the(More)
  • F Karl
  • Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie
  • 1995
Selected activities of daily living are used to describe the micro-area (dwelling), mezzo-area (quarter) and exo-area (outside the quarter). In a survey of 115 elderly people, the five-year-changes from 1985/86 to 1990/91 in their areas of mobility in a working class district are documented. Special interest is given to the question, if people are making(More)
  • F Karl
  • Zeitschrift für Gerontologie
  • 1988
Every inhabitant aged 60 years and over in a working class district in Kassel (N = 568) was visited and invited to discussion groups (topics were "growing old", "health", "care" and others) and to excursion activities. 10% of the people were interested; 7% actually took part. In comparison with a control group of participants from other districts, it was(More)
Significant as well as non-significant but still distinct improvements in the average functional status of Activities of Daily Living (ADL), according to the Barthel Index and Rüstigkeitsskala as shown by the total patient group of two rehabilitation clinics are presented. The initial status and the time elapsed between stroke and rehabilitation are of(More)
The Federal Ministry for Youth, Family, Women and Health in the Federal Republic of Germany supported a research project on counselling processes with the elderly. The overruling aim is to enable them to live at home as long as possible. A model of preventative intervention was developed and tested by a group of gerontologists and social workers in Kassel.(More)