Fernanda V. Castejon

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Formulations in matrix of sodium alginate (pellets) of the nematode predatory fungi Duddingtonia flagrans and Monacrosporium thaumasium were evaluated in the biological control of sheep gastrointestinal nematodiasis. Three groups (1, 2, and 3), each one with eight sheep of the Santa Inês breed, at the ages of 15–48 months, were placed in paddocks of(More)
The present study was performed in order to evaluate the action of anthelmintics compounds on gastrointestinal parasite nematodes of 27 Alpine and Saanen adult goats. The animals were divided into three groups. The animals of groups 1 and 2 had been dealt with two different associations of antihelminthics in day zero. The goats in group 1 were treated with(More)
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