Fernanda Streit

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Sirolimus (rapamycin) has a macrolide structure and is under clinical investigation as an immunosuppressant after organ transplantation. An HPLC/mass spectrometry assay to quantify sirolimus in blood was developed. 28-O-Acetyl sirolimus was used as internal standard. Blood samples were extracted with C18 columns. The extracts were injected into an HPLC(More)
In this work, we propose the reuse of apple pomace as a substrate for fungal chitosan production by liquid cultivation of Gongronella butleri CCT4274. Different concentrations of reducing sugars and sodium nitrate were added to the aqueous extract of apple pomace and the best result was obtained with 40 g/L of reducing sugars and 2.5 g/L of sodium nitrate.(More)
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