Fernanda Silva Pimentel

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Almost 3 million babies were tested in a newborn screening program in Minas Gerais, Brazil (1998-2008); 128 who have S-like hemoglobins (Hbs) were tested for the β(S) allele and 112 were identified through polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) or sequencing. Hb Stanleyville-II [α78(EF7)Asn→Lys (α2); HbA2: c.237C>A](More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize alpha-chain variant hemoglobins with electric mobility similar to that of hemoglobin S in a newborn screening program. METHODS β(S) allele and alpha-thalassemia deletions were investigated in 14 children who had undefined hemoglobin at birth and an electrophoretic profile similar to that of hemoglobin S when they were six months(More)
INTRODUCTION Several hemoglobin variants have electrophoretic behavior similar to hemoglobin S, which may lead to false diagnosis for sickle-cell disorders in newborn screening programs. A homozygous hemoglobin with S mobility was detected in two unrelated babies in Brazil. METHODS Isoelectric focusing and high-performance liquid chromatography assays,(More)
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