Fernanda Santos Reis

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Recombination allows faithful chromosomal segregation during meiosis and contributes to the production of new heritable allelic variants that are essential for the maintenance of genetic diversity. Therefore, an appreciation of how this variation is created and maintained is of critical importance to our understanding of biodiversity and evolutionary(More)
Risk factors for renal scarring in children with lower urinary tract dysfunction (LUTD) were evaluated. The medical records of 120 patients were assessed concerning gender, presence of vesicoureteric reflux (VUR), bladder capacity, detrusor overactivity, residual urine, febrile urinary tract infection (UTI), bacteriuria, constipation, detrusor sphincter(More)
AIM To compare the bacterial reduction achieved with reciprocating and rotary systems during root canal preparation. METHODOLOGY Sixty distobuccal root canals of maxillary molars were contaminated with Enterococcus faecalis broth culture. After an incubation period of 21 days, bacterial samples were collected and cultured on m-Enterococcus agar plates.(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine normal values of the aortic and pulmonary functional valve areas in healthy newborn children. MATERIAL AND METHODS We prospectively studied 32 newborns (17 boys) who were included in the following criteria: healthy parents, normal pregnancy, eutocic delivery, Apgar index 10 at 5 minutes weight between 2.500 and 4.000 kg, normal(More)
Intravenous pamidronate is widely used to treat children with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). In a well-studied protocol (‘standard protocol’), pamidronate is given at a daily dose of 1 mg per kg body weight over 4 h on 3 successive days; infusion cycles are repeated every 4 months. Here, we evaluated renal safety of a simpler protocol for intravenous(More)
We performed laboratory experiments to study maternal care in Doru lineare Eschs. (Dermaptera: Forficulidae), a predator of the maize pest Spodoptera frugiperda J.E. Smith (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Females laid 29.7 ± 8.43 (SD) eggs which took 7–10 days to hatch. Mothers searched for an appropriate nest, where they cleaned and defended eggs and nymphs.(More)
In the present article the authors describe a case of a twenty-one year-old patient with a mitochondrial encephalomyopathy presenting cardiac changes. Mitochondrial encephalomyopathy a multisystemic disease is described in various publications having cardiac involvement although there are sparse references about cardiomyopathy in this same disease. In the(More)
Anomalous pulmonary venous connection is an uncommon congenital anomaly in which all (total form) or some (partial form) pulmonary veins drain into a systemic vein or into the right atrium rather than into the left atrium. The authors present one case of total anomalous pulmonary venous connection and two cases of partial anomalous pulmonary venous(More)
The authors report a case of a 61-years-old woman with hypertension and palpitations, who was diagnosed as having a left auricular myxoma. This diagnosis was established by echocardiography and confirmed afterwards by an histological survey. On the basis of this case the authors reviewed the subject and discuss the role of echocardiography in the diagnosis(More)