Fernanda Regina Godoy Rocha

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This study investigated structural and functional features of apoptotic alveolar bone osteoclasts in estrogen-treated rats. For this purpose, 15 female rats 22 days old were divided into three groups: Estrogen (EG), Sham (SG) and Control (CG). The rats of EG received daily intramuscular injection of estrogen for 7 days. The SG received only the oil vehicle.(More)
Piezosurgery is an osteotomy system used in medical and dental surgery. Manystudies have proven clinical advantages of piezosurgery in terms of quality ofcut, maneuverability, ease of use, and safety. However, few investigations havetested its superiority over the traditional osteotomy systems in terms of dynamicsof bone healing. Therefore, the aim of this(More)
Mechanical instrumentation of the root surface causes the formation of a smear layer, which is a physical barrier that can affect periodontal regeneration. Although different procedures have been proposed to remove the smear layer, there is no information concerning how long the smear layer persists on root surfaces after instrumentation in vivo. This study(More)
The purpose of this in vitro study was to quantify the alterations on human root dentin permeability after exposure to different acid fruit juices and to evaluate the effect of toothbrushing with electric or sonic toothbrush after acid exposure. The root dentin of 50 extracted third molars was exposed with a high speed bur. Crowns were sectioned above the(More)
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