Fernanda Pires Rodrigues de Almeida Ribeiro

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PURPOSE A case-control study was done to confirm the higher prevalence of sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) among sickle cell patients (HbSS) from southern Brazil. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-eight patients and 28 matched normal controls were studied. Besides complete anamneses and physical otolaryngological examination, all individuals had audiometric(More)
BACKGROUNDS Oxidative stress can result from excessive free-radical production and it is likely implicated as a possible mechanism involved in the initiation and progression of epileptogenesis. Flavonoids can protect the brain from oxidative stress. In the central nervous system (CNS) several flavonoids bind to the benzodiazepine site on the GABAA-receptor(More)
Resumo Objectivo: Determinar que variável entre o volume ex-pirado forçado no primeiro segundo (VEF 1), a pressão parcial do oxigénio no sangue arterial (PaO 2), a hipoxe-mia nocturna e a força muscular do quadricípite femoral pode predizer a distância percorrida no teste de cami-nhada de seis minutos (TC6) em doentes com DPOC. Doentes e métodos: Um estudo(More)
The monoterpenes are the main constituents of most essential oils and p-cymene is a monoterpene commonly found in various species of aromatic herbs, which has been reported for anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive, and antimicrobial activities. However, there is no report concerning its pharmacological activity on the vascular smooth muscle. The aim of(More)
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