Fernanda Pedreira Magalhães

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Approximate Entropy (ApEn) has been used by several researchers as a means to characterize the irregularity of fetal heart rate (FHR), a major contributor to fetal risk assessment. The present work starts by analyzing the influence of accelerative and decelerative (AD) components of the FHR signal in the computation of ApEn. Having shown that the AD(More)
This paper presents the Transforms tool which provides a supporting environment for process modeling and enactment according to MDA. Using the Transforms tool it is possible to define traditional software process activities and artifacts as well the necessary transformation chain of an MDA process. Resumo. Este artigo apresenta a ferramenta Transforms que(More)
A cavernous malformation involving the Gasserian ganglion, 2nd and 3rd divisions of the trigeminal nerve on the left side was resected via an extradural route in a 54 year old male. Cavernous malformations of the cranial nerves are rare. Specific origin from the trigeminal nerve has not been previously reported.
A case of conventional intramedullary osteosarcoma (epithelioid subtype) with 10 years of evolution and another of high grade surface osteosarcoma of the chondroblastic type, both in the skull, gave rise to several diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties. Key points concerning the definition, classification, imaging, clinical series data and treatment(More)
This case report describes a young non-glaucomatous patient with neurofibromatosis and previous history of optic nerve glioma, which developed multiple wedge-shaped retinal nerve fiber layer defects close to a chorioretinal scar in the fellow eye. After discussing the different possible etiologies to the wedge-shaped defects, the disruption of the nerve(More)
  • Fábio Luciano, Verdi Ae, Cláudio Carvalho, Ae Maurício, F Magalhães, Edmundo R M Madeira +4 others
  • 2007
This work presents a discussion about policies and architecture to aggregate Internet Protocol/Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) traffics within lightpaths. The scenario is that of IP/MPLS client networks over an optical network. It is well known that aggregating lower traffic flows (e.g., packet-based LSPs—Label Switched Path) within higher traffic(More)
  • Crediné Silva De Menezes, Davidson Cury, Lucia Barcellos, Bazzarella Carmem, Lucia Prata, Tânia Barbosa +8 others
  • 2003
Resumo Este artigo descreve uma experiência concreta no uso da telemática como ferramenta de suporte ao processo de aprendizagem. Esta experiência consistiu na capacitação de professores da rede pública de ensino no Brasil. O artigo apresenta ainda a estrutura conceitual do ambiente virtual utilizado para a mediação do experimento.
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