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Gratitude and Moral Obligation
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Assessing variations in the expression of gratitude in youth: A three-cohort replication in southern Brazil
Children are not born grateful; their understanding and expression of gratitude develops during childhood and adolescence. We used a qualitative measure designed to assess how youth would respond toExpand
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The Development of Gratitude in Brazilian Children and Adolescents
This study aimed to examine age-related changes in gratitude expression and spending preferences and the associations between children’s greatest wish and gratitude expression. Participants were 285Expand
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Adolescentes Materialistas Brasileiros Estão Satisfeitos com suas Vidas
In our society, material values have been of great importance. Studies point out that too much appreciation of material goods (materialism) can negatively influence the development of individuals.Expand
Relações entre Desenvolvimento da Gratidão e Tipos de Valores em Jovens
We studied the relations between the development of gratitude and types of values. A total of 396 7- to 14-year-old youth group responded to the Wishes and Gratitude Survey. We expected that, withExpand
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Materialismo de adolescentes de uma cidade do sul do Brasil
Materialism is currently a major factor in modern society, and studies indicate that the excessive value placed on material possessions can negatively influence individuals’ development. WeExpand