Fernanda Nascimento Almeida

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Few longitudinal studies have examined the long-term effect on deferral for low haematocrit (Hct) or haemoglobin, indicators of presence of anaemia. This study retrospectively analysed 11 years of donation history to examine predictors related to such deferrals among repeat blood donors. MATERIALS AND METHODS We included 385,357(More)
During the donation process, blood donors are screened for their hemoglobin or hematocrit level to protect them from developing anemia. Nevertheless, there is no standard procedure to predict anemia development after blood donation. The São Paulo Blood Center is responsible for maintaining a database with information on each donation. However, this database(More)
We describe the case of a patient with long-standing Parkinson's disease and recurrent bilateral pleural effusions. The pleural fluid was an exudate, rich in normal lymphocytes, and the echocardiogram, chest computerized axial tomography, and immunological, microbiological and cytological studies were negative. The patient had been taking bromocriptine,(More)
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