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Citrus sudden death (CSD) is a new disease that has killed approximately 1 million orange trees in Brazil. Here we report the identification of a new virus associated with the disease. RNAs isolated from CSD-affected and nonaffected trees were used to construct cDNA libraries. A set of viral sequences present exclusively in libraries of CSD-affected trees(More)
Acosta, C.A.: Benthic dispersal of Caribbean spiny lobsters among insular habitats: Implications for the conservation of exploited marine species. Role mangrove habitat as a nursery for juvenile spiny lobster, Panulirus argus, in Belize. Mar. Trophic role of swarming copepods in a mangrove island prop root ecosystem. Hydrobiologia (in press). Population(More)
Background. With increasing sophistication and technology, survival rates hugely improved among preterm infants admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. Nutrition and feeding remain a challenge and preterm infants are at high risk of encountering oral feeding difficulties. Objective. To determine what facts may impact on oral feeding readiness and(More)
The structure of epiphytic diatom communities in a reservoir and a stream were studied with regard to different taxonomic levels (species, genera, and families) and biological traits (strategies of attachment to the substrate). We expected that strongly attached diatoms would abound in the stream, and those employing a loosely attached strategy should(More)
Depressive disorders are heterogeneous diseases, and the complexity of symptoms has led to the formulation of several aethiopathological hypotheses. This heterogeneity may account for the following open issues about antidepressant therapy: (i) antidepressants show a time lag between pharmacological effects, within hours from acute drug administration, and(More)
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