Fernanda Laísy Pereira de Sousa

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In this work the effect of crosslinking the enzyme esperase (E.C. and the proteins bovine serum albumin and casein with the bifunctional compound glutaraldehyde on molecular mass increase was studied. Two common techniques for measuring molecular mass of proteins were used: SEC and SDS-PAGE. These techniques revealed that the proteins bovine(More)
In this work, galactomannans from Prosopis glandulosa seeds were evaluated for their chemical composition and functional properties for potential industrial applications. In addition, those characteristics were compared with the commercial galactomannan guar gum. Mannose and galactose were the two most abundant carbohydrates present in P. glandulosa seeds,(More)
Catalase-peroxidase (CP) production by a Bacillus sp. (Bacillus KF) newly isolated from a textile finishing effluent and by this strain immobilised on light expanded clay was studied. In cultivations of Bacillus KF increased catalase activity (about 30-fold) was measured after the addition of H2O2 and Orange IV, while ascorbic acid, pyrogallol and Paraquat,(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the experience of women with contraception from the perspective of gender. METHODS Qualitative and exploratory-descriptive study conducted at three basic healthcare units in the city of Lagoa Seca - PB, Brazil, with 15 women interviewed between January and May 2013. The content analysis technique was used to process the data. (More)
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