Fernanda Geraldo Pappen

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INTRODUCTION This study aimed to compare the physicochemical and biological properties of premixed calcium silicate-based endodontic sealers with other conventional root canal filling materials by systematically reviewing laboratory studies. METHODS The search was conducted in 3 databases (Medline via PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Science) following the(More)
The present study aimed to determine the prevalence of dental pain during pregnancy and its association with sociodemographic factors and oral health conditions among 315 pregnant women in South Brazil. Participants were interviewed to obtain sociodemographic data, such as age, educational level, employment status, family income, and marital and parity(More)
AIM To investigate the antibacterial effect of Tetraclean, MTAD and five experimental irrigants using both direct exposure test with planktonic cultures and mixed-species in vitro biofilm model. METHODOLOGY Tetraclean, MTAD and five experimental solutions that were modifications of existing formulae including MTAD + 0.01% cetrimide (CTR), MTAD + 0.1% CTR,(More)
This study evaluated the influence of the addition of cetrimide and polypropylene glycol to sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) on its capacity to dissolve pulp tissue. Bovine pulp fragments with standardized weight and volume were immersed for 5, 15 and 30 min in 2 mL of NaOCl and Hypoclean (NaOCl added with cetrimide and polypropylene glycol) solutions at 5.25%,(More)
AIMS This study aimed to determine the kinds of sequelae resulting from intrusive luxation and subluxative injuries in primary anterior teeth as well as the timing of such sequelae. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this longitudinal retrospective study, data were collected from dental records and radiographs of patients with traumatic dental injury (TDI) treated(More)
INTRODUCTION Stabilizing sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) at an alkaline pH is proposed to increase solution stability and tissue dissolution ability; however, a reduction on the flexural strength of dentin discs has been found to be a side effect. This study sought to determine whether a stabilized alkaline NaOCl reduces the fracture resistance of root(More)
AIM To investigate antibiotic prescribing habits reported by Brazilian endodontists in specific clinical situations. METHODOLOGY Brazilian endodontists (n = 13 853) were invited to answer an online questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of two parts: the first part contained personal data such as age, gender, years of experience and location of(More)
AIM This study aimed to investigate the influence of the radicular maturity level of primary teeth on the sequelae of traumatic dental injury (TDI). MATERIALS AND METHODS A longitudinal retrospective study that collected data from dental records and radiographs of patients with TDI in one or both maxillary primary central incisors was conducted. Sequelae(More)
Objective. This study evaluated the discoloration potential of endodontic materials used in primary teeth. Material and Methods. Dentine-enamel blocks were prepared from 75 bovine teeth, assorted in five experimental groups (n = 15). The tested materials included an MTA-based material; zinc oxide and eugenol cement (ZOE); Vitapex; and calcium hydroxide(More)
This study evaluated the influence of irrigation tip, root canal curvature and final apical diameter on periapical debris and irrigant extrusion during root canal instrumentation. After being classified as mildly or moderately curved, the mesiobuccal root canals of 90 human molars were instrumented. The teeth were allocated into three groups according to(More)