Fernanda Dotti do Prado

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A physical chromosome mapping of the H1 histone and 5S and 18S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) genes was performed in interspecific hybrids of Pseudoplatystoma corruscans and P. reticulatum. The results showed that 5S rRNA clusters were located in the terminal region of 2 chromosomes. H1 histone and 18S ribosomal genes were co-localized in the terminal portion of 2(More)
Sixteen polymorphic microsatellite primers were developed for Pseudoplatystoma reticulatum and provided an efficient multiplex protocol to amplify these loci in four multiplex PCRs. Most microsatellites here obtained showed moderate to high polymorphism levels in P. reticulatum and P. corruscans, as well as interspecific allelic differences, and represents(More)
The presence of introgressive hybridization in the wild, especially that resulting from human interference, can have negative impacts on biodiversity. Genetic tools provide essential information for species and hybrid identification, facilitating the conservation of natural resources. Here, we tested a set of markers to precisely elucidate introgressive(More)
This study aimed to impute the genetic makeup of individual fishes of Serrasalmidae family on the basis of body weight and morphometric measurements. Eighty-three juveniles, belonging to the genetic groups Pacu, Pirapitinga, Tambaqui, Tambacu, Tambatinga, Patinga, Paqui and Piraqui, were separated into 16 water tanks in a recirculation system, with two(More)
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