Fernanda Delgado

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Several micro and small enterprises manage to improvements in their productive system aiming at increasing quality and efficiency of their production line. However, high costs of consulting services for the accomplishment of this sort of project, enables this alternative for most of them.The likelihood of integrating the productive sector with the academy(More)
Disseminating the results of transdisciplinary health disparities research will increasingly involve discussing family health history and/or genetic information with study participants and their communities. Often, individuals’ familiarity and comfort with these topics will be unclear. To inform the dissemination activities of a Center for Population Health(More)
PURPOSE The broad use of single-nucleotide polymorphism microarrays has increased identification of unexpected consanguinity. Therefore, guidelines to address reporting of consanguinity have been published for clinical laboratories. Because no such guidelines for clinicians exist, we describe a case and present recommendations for clinicians to disclose(More)
This article describes the formation of a behavior therapy unit in a major general hospital in Venezuela. The unit was begun in 1978 despite considerable opposition. Initially sporadic seminars were given in which the essentials of behavior therapy were taught. This gradually grew into a 2-year post-graduate course in behavior therapy-a year of background(More)
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