Fernanda D.T. Lopes

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Role reversal, whereby a child attempts to meet her parent's adult needs for parenting, intimacy, or companionship, has been identified as a risk factor for developmental disturbances. It has been defined from diverse perspectives as a child attachment strategy, a parent - toddler relational disturbance, and a boundary disturbance between parents and child.(More)
Incarcerated women as a group are particularly vulnerable to infections. The lack of public programs for prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment contribute to the increase in the incidence and prevalence of diseases in general and especially sexually transmitted diseases. This article aims to estimate the prevalence of infection by the human(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS. METHODS Cross-sectional study conducted in an AIDS outpatient service based on consecutive sampling during the second half of the year 2002. There were selected 365 men and women aged 18 years or older who were attended by the infectious disease physician. Sociodemographic and recent drug(More)
The point of departure for this article was the concept of health as a set of comprehensive and collective living conditions, influenced by the political, socioeconomic, cultural, and environmental context. The work thus shows that studies on health inequalities, disparities, or iniquities should extend beyond statistical data, since racism is not always(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the characteristics related to individual vulnerability among HIV seropositive women, according to skin color. METHODS A multicenter study carried out between 1999 and 2000 in health services specialized in STI/Aids in the state of São Paulo, involving 1,068 women living with HIV who are aged 18 or above. Sociodemographic data and(More)
Viviani Barnabé, Fernanda D.T. Lopes, Beatriz M. Saraiva-Romanholo, Clarice O. Rosa, Rogerio Pazetti, Vitor E. Valenti, Milton de Arruda Martins Department of Environmental Health, Harvard Medical School of Public Health, Boston, MA, USA Department of Pathology, Faculdade de Medicina, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brazil Laboratory of Thoracic(More)
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