Fernanda D Guedes

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Prostate is one of the major targets for dihydrotestosterone (DHT), however this gland is also recognized as a nonclassical target for estrogen as it expresses both types of estrogen receptors (ER), especially ERbeta. Nevertheless, the concentrations of aromatase and estradiol in the prostate are low, indicating that estradiol may not be the only estrogenic(More)
Background Due to its peculiar properties, tension wood formation constitutes a remarkable adaptation mechanism, that makes possible for the tree to reorientate its axes (stem and branches) in response to environnemental cues. In poplar, tension wood fibres harbour an extra cell wall layer, the G-layer, responsible for the peculiar mechanical properties of(More)
391 Letters to the Editor Sir, Human papillomaviruses (HPVs) are double-stranded DNA virus with over 100 different identified types. The virus mainly infects the cutaneous and mucosal squa-mous stratified epithelia of the anogenital region. HPV replication is linked to the differentiation and maturation of squamous cells, followed by terminal(More)
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