Fernanda Chagas Schneider

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Adaptive neuroplastic changes have been well documented in congenitally blind individuals for the processing of tactile and auditory information. By contrast, very few studies have investigated olfactory processing in the absence of vision. There is ample evidence that the olfactory system is highly plastic and that blind individuals rely more on their(More)
Thermoregulatory information is a frequently used parameter in both physiological and psychophysiological research. Specific software programs using accepted formulae are not readily available to the scientist as is the hardware. The program described here uses the well-established physiological model by Burton, calculating mean skin temperature and mean(More)
This paper discusses the National Policy of the Inclusive Education and the distribution of Laptops PROUCA. Both operate under the logic of inclusion in the context of education, the first aiming at school inclusion and the other at digital inclusion. In order to observe how the inclusive process of people with disabilities mediated by laptops occurs, a(More)
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