Fernanda C. Ribeiro

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A 10-year-old premenarchal girl was admitted to our hospital with moderate abdominal pain, although presenting no vomiting or abdominal rebound tenderness. A large abdominal mass was visible and palpable in the periumbilical and epigastric regions. Results of physical examination revealed that the general health status was satisfactory. Computed tomographic(More)
Collaborative visualization is a study field that emerged by combining computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW) and information visualization. The main goal is to analyze how visualization techniques can be used to support collaboration. One of the key aspects for the effective use of visual representations as a facilitator for collaboration is the(More)
Survey is a scientific method used for analysis of various phenomena. The advancement of technology, which automates and simplifies data collection, significantly increases the number of possibilities for implementing such method. The Information Visualization (InfoVis) techniques can improve the analysis of such data by facilitating the results(More)
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