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The salmon farming production chain is structured in four consecutive phases: freshwater, seawater, plant processing, and distribution and marketing. The phases interact in a pull manner, freshwater stocks fish to meet seawater's demand, seawater produces to meet plant processing biomass demand, and the processing plant produces to satisfy consumers'(More)
This thesis studies contemporary challenges arising at the market, system, and organization levels in the healthcare industry, and develops novel frameworks that allow us to better understand cost and resource allocation for strategic decision making in healthcare settings. The U.S. healthcare industry is going through a massive transformation process due(More)
A B s t r A C t While self-report of overall quality of life has been widely examined, there are no studies that explore the impact of the relative importance people give to the various categories of their quality of life. Therefore, with a quantitative methodology and a co-relational transverse design, we analyze differences in the assessment when the(More)
Keywords: Prison facility location Stochastic integer programming Multi-period scenario tree Branch-and-fix coordination a b s t r a c t A multi-period stochastic model and an algorithmic approach to location of prison facilities under uncertainty are presented and applied to the Chilean prison system. The problem consists of finding locations and sizes of(More)
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