Fernanda Bravo

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The salmon farming production chain is structured in four consecutive phases: freshwater, seawater, plant processing, and distribution and marketing. The phases interact in a pull manner, freshwater stocks fish to meet seawater's demand, seawater produces to meet plant processing biomass demand, and the processing plant produces to satisfy consumers'(More)
A number of authors have indicated in recent years that the course of depression is not as favourable as previously expected. Research conducted in order to identify predictors of recovery has shown widely different results. In this paper a sample of 90 consecutive patients with non-chronic major depressive disorders (index episode < 6 months) attending(More)
Keywords: Prison facility location Stochastic integer programming Multi-period scenario tree Branch-and-fix coordination a b s t r a c t A multi-period stochastic model and an algorithmic approach to location of prison facilities under uncertainty are presented and applied to the Chilean prison system. The problem consists of finding locations and sizes of(More)
Two experiments investigated the dose and time related effects of morphine sulfate on the running wheel activity of golden Syrian hamsters. Compared with saline controls, a low dose (5 mg/kg) increased locomotor activity, whereas high doses (10, 20 and 40 mg/kg) produced an initial dose-related depression in activity, a gradual dose-related recovery and(More)
Two experiments investigated the dose and time related effects of morphine sulfate on wheel running behavior in golden Syrian hamsters. In Experiment 1, within-subject comparisons were made of the acute effects of 5, 20, and 40 mg/kg doses of morphine sulfate on running wheel activity. Compared with saline, morphine produced a dose related decrease in(More)
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