Fernanda Botelho

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above gives c 2 = 2c 1 =(c 1 +(2?c 1)). Clearly, c 2 is proportional to the reciprocal of the ratio. Thus, when is small, can be taken larger than when is large. This may be used to evolve the network eeciently in the beginning and slow it down later, while ensuring that 2-cycles are never retrieved. Neurons with graded response have collective(More)
Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a triad of disturbances affecting the areas of communication, social interaction and behavior. In educational contexts, without appropriate intervention methodologies, these limitations can be deeply disabling. Our research promotes the communicative competence of children with ASDs It extends the current(More)
This paper describes a framework, devised for rapid application development, and rapid application customization of standalone multimedia and rich content software, targeted at students with special needs. We present a proof-of-concept software application for promotion and training of social communication skills in children with autism spectrum disorders.(More)
The theme was the effect of perturbations of the defining parameters of a neural network due to: 1) mea"urement" (particularly with analog networks); 2) di"cretization due to a) digital implementation of analog nets; b) bounded-precision implementation of digital networks; or c) inaccurate evaluation of the transfer function(s}; 3) noise in or incomplete(More)
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