Fernanda Bacelar do Nascimento

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C-ORAL-ROM is a multilingual corpus of spontaneous speech of around 1.200.000 words representing the four main Romance languages: French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.. The resource will be delivered in standard textual format, aligned to the audio source in a multimedia edition. C-ORAL-ROM aims to ensure at the same time a sufficient representation of(More)
Study design:Clinical and radiographic evaluation of the shoulders of tetraplegic and paraplegic patients who attend rehabilitation program.Objectives:The objective of this study is to establish the usefulness of radiography as a trial exam for shoulder pain in spinal cord injured patients.Setting:Hospital das Clinicas—UNICAMP. Campinas, Sao Paulo,(More)
The C-ORAL-ROM project has delivered a multilingual corpus of spontaneous speech for the main romance languages (Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish). The collection aims to represent the variety of speech acts performed in everyday language and to enable the description of prosodic and syntactic structures in the four romance languages. Sampling(More)
s are extended versions of the abstracts originally submitted and take into account the remarks offered by the reviewers, to the extent that this was possible by the space constraints of the present publication. We would like thus to thank all the colleagues that contributed to the workshop with their submissions to be anonimously appreciated by the program(More)
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