Fernanda B. Silva

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We present Word Spatial Arrangement (WSA), an approach to represent the spatial arrangement of visual words under the bag-of-visual-words model. It lies in a simple idea which encodes the relative position of visual words by splitting the image space into quadrants using each detected point as origin. WSA generates compact feature vector, making it useful(More)
This paper proposes the Bag of Visual Graphs (BoVG), a new approach to encode the spatial relationships of visual words through a codebook of visual-word arrangements, represented by graphs. This graph-based codebook defines a descriptor for image representations that not only considers the frequency of occurrence of visual words, but also their spatial(More)
In the cognitive theory of Piaget, the game consolidates the learning that already occurred while it makes possible new learning in a playful environment. In the socio-cultural theory of Vygostky, in the game the child reaches a mental representation of social roles and rules of the society. In the theory of the communication and metacommunication of(More)
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