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AIM To determine the correlation between leakage and sealer penetration into dentinal tubule. METHODOLOGY The root canal of 60 mandibular central incisor teeth were prepared and filled under standardized conditions. Teeth were placed into a device to assess glucose penetration using 15 psi pressure application. After 1 h, glucose concentrations in the(More)
BACKGROUND Successful gametogenesis requires the establishment of an appropriate epigenetic state in developing germ cells. Nevertheless, an association between abnormal spermatogenesis and epigenetic disturbances in germline-specific genes remains to be demonstrated. METHODS In this study, the DNA methylation pattern of the promoter CpG island (CGI) of(More)
AIM To compare the ability of Ceramicrete, BioAggregate and white ProRoot MTA (mineral trioxide aggregate) to prevent glucose leakage through root-end fillings. METHODOLOGY After root canal instrumentation, the apical 3 mm of maxillary incisors were resected and retropreparations, 3 mm in depth, were created with ultrasound. Root-end cavities were filled(More)
OBJECTIVES This study evaluated the performance of phenylbis (2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)-phosphine oxide (BAPO) as an alternative photoinitiator in the polymerization kinetics (PK), flexural strength (σ) and elastic modulus (E) of a model dental resin. METHODS A monomer mixture based on Bis-GMA and TEGDMA was used as model dental resin. Initially a screening(More)
OBJECTIVES To perform a longitudinal analysis of the effect of four substances (citric acid at 1%, 5% and 10% concentrations and 17% EDTA) on dentin. METHODS Sixteen human molars had their crowns removed exposing cervical root dentin. A grinding procedure was used to produce a standardized smear layer and to create a smooth surface for analysis.(More)
This study assessed the effect of BioPure MTAD on the sealing ability on the basis of the filtration rate of glucose along the root fillings. Both 17% ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) and smear-covered dentin were used as reference patterns to compare the results. Sixty-four human upper incisors were prepared with different irrigation protocols (n =(More)
This study evaluated the effect of mechanical properties of resin-based luting agents on the strength of resin-coated porcelain. The luting agents tested were two flowable resin composites (Filtek Z350 Flow and Tetric-N Flow), a light-cured resin cement (Variolink Veneer [VV]), and a dual-cured resin cement (Variolink II) in either light-cured (base paste)(More)
Multiple factors influence the probability of obtaining a pregnancy through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer (ET). This retrospective study was designed to assess their importance in order to improve prognostic ability and treatment success. 341 consecutive embryo transfer cycles using the same ovarian stimulation protocol were considered(More)