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Reconstituted keratin has potential as a raw material for orthopaedic applications. The aim of this study was to investigate the in vivo biocompatibility and osseointegration of keratin materials in an ovine model. Six different modifications of the keratin polymer, based on porous or dense constructs, regenerated by either neutral or acidic treatment, with(More)
Oxidized cellulose and collagen are two absorbable hemostatic scaffolding materials that are used widely in surgery. A histomorphological study was undertaken to determine the tissue response and extent of healing brought about by intraosseously implanting these two materials in the femur and tibia of sheep. There was no major difference in the rate of(More)
Four different modifications of the keratin polymer were made as small rods and inserted into the subcutaneous tissue of the hind limbs of adult female sheep. Material 1 was porous, whereas materials 2, 3, and 4 had little or no internal porosity. The tissue response to each material was determined with regard to the extent of the inflammatory reaction and(More)
BACKGROUND Airway clearance therapy (ACT) is critical in cystic fibrosis (CF). OBJECTIVES To determine rates of self-reported adherence to ACT by patients treated in an adult CF program, to identify patient characteristics associated with poor adherence, to typify adherence according to ACT technique, and to indicate reasons for poor adherence. METHODS(More)
"Trench foot" is a particular risk for those involved in adventure tourism, for soldiers in winter mountain training exercises, and for the homeless. Nonfreezing cold nerve injury is characterized by axonal degeneration, which is attributed to free radicals released during cycles of ischemia and reperfusion. This pilot study sought to determine whether the(More)
A fit and healthy 22 year old of Asian ancestry, living in New Zealand with no previous history of asthma or dermatitis, visited the Gold Coast, Queensland, for a vacation. Having been cautioned about the intensity of the Australian sun, he arrived armed with a hat and new SPF130 sunscreen that he had obtained from Japan. On the third day of his vacation he(More)
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