Fernand Van Innis

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In a multicenter study involving the five Orthopaedic Services of the COC, 57 patients with Kienböck's disease were reviewed 90% were treated surgically. The most common operations were ulna lengthening (30 cases) and lunate resection (11 cases). The most frequent indications or surgery were pain and stiffness of the wrist. Radiological changes are(More)
The frequency of iatrogenic spondylodiscitis is clearly increasing, which may reflect the increasing number of aggressive interventional procedures which may cause it. One of these is oocyte retrieval for in vitro fertilisation. The authors describe a case of Streptococcus faecalis L5-S1 spondylodiscitis. Conservative treatment is the rule, but surgery may(More)
The COC (Orthopedic Society of Charleroi) has presented an analysis of operated cases. We have taken 326 files into account. The pre-operative evaluation is based upon the classification by Tubiana, Michon and Thomine. The analysis pays special attention to the post-operative results in terms of several factors: the age, the stage of illness, the extent of(More)
The purpose of this study is to determine the place of trapeziectomy among the various surgical treatments of osteoarthritis of the trapezio-metacarpal joint. We have had 25 cases with seemingly satisfactory results. Loss of strength, which is given as a frequent objection to this method, has not generally been found in our series. Careful repair of the(More)
Various ligamentoplasties are available allowing formation of new proprioceptive chains in cases of failure of physiotherapy. Most of these plasties sacrifice half or all of the fibulolateral tendon, causing stiffness of the subtalar joint. This is a too serious complication to accept for simple tibiotarsal instability: hence the importance of preoperative(More)
The treatment of Kienböck's disease is currently controversial. Ulnar shortness is usually considered to be the main etiological factor. This observation is the basis for distal radio-ulnar joint levelling procedures, which means the radial shortening osteotomy and ulnar lengthening osteotomy. Several authors have reported their experience on the topic, but(More)