Fernand Feltz

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This paper discusses the early results of the multidisciplinary project TIVIPOL aiming to propose digital technologies to enhance the social life of older people in a retirement home. A prototype combining a tactile color screen, a RFID reader and a ticket printer is described. It allows the older people to manage their participation to the social(More)
This paper describes a prototype that offers visualization features for monitoring a Web-based collaborative platform. The data displayed supports workplace awareness by providing an overview of the activities carried out on the platform. The prototype focuses on the information structured as hierarchical data. Three views are included: a classic vertical(More)
How to visualize datasets hierarchically structured is a basic issue in information visualization. Compared to the common diagrams based on the nodes-links paradigm (e.g. trees), the enclosure-based methods have shown high potential to represent simultaneously the structure of the hierarchy and the weight of nodes. In addition, these methods often support(More)
This paper proposes a method based on composite indexes to reflect the level of computer–supported cooperative activity. This approach is innovative in the sense that it extends a purely quantitative approach with some qualitative contextual elements. Indeed, the indexes integrate two basic features of the computer-supported interactions within a group: the(More)
The need to visualize network data becomes increasingly crucial, as it appears in numerous domains like Web visualization, computer network monitoring, or social studies. Graphs and matrices are two well-known techniques to visualize network data. Depending on which task has to be carried out on the data, each of them offers complementary useful properties.(More)