Fermin Esparza-Alfaro

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This paper demonstrates the use of quasi-floating gate MOSFET (QFGMOS) in the design of a current-to-voltage converter that operates for the input current range of 0 to 50?A. The workability of the circuit has been verified using SPICE simulations for 0. 18?m CMOS technology with the supply voltages of ±0. 5V. From the simulation results, it has been(More)
A CMOS voltage-to-current converter is presented. It is based on a class AB current mirror with very low input resistance and a passive resistor connected to the input for voltage-to-current conversion. Class AB operation is achieved without extra supply voltage requirements or static power consumption, using Quasi-Floating Gate techniques. Measurement(More)
A high-performance buffer amplifier topology for liquid crystal display drivers is presented. The proposed amplifier achieves fast driving performance and offers a rail-to-rail common-mode input range. Enhanced slewing and settling capabilities are achieved through a novel output stage performing dual-path push-pull operation. No additional biasing network(More)
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