Fermin Ayuso

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Graphics processor units (GPUs) offer high performance and power efficiency for a large number of data-parallel applications. Previous research has shown that a GPU-based version of a neuromorphic motion estimation algorithm can achieve a×32 speedup using these devices. However, the memory consumption creates a bottleneck due to the expansive tree of signal(More)
We have explored in this paper a framework to test in a quantitative manner the stability of different endmember extraction and spectral unmixing algorithms based on the concept of Consensus Clustering. The idea is to investigate if the sensibility of those algorithms to the number of endmembers can be used to estimate this parameter itself. Preliminary(More)
Medical imaging has become an absolutely essential diagnostic tool for clinical practices; at present, pathologies can be detected with an earliness never before known. Its use has not only been relegated to the field of radiology but also, increasingly, to computer-based imaging processes prior to surgery. Motion analysis, in particular, plays an important(More)
A study was made of the myotrophic effects of denervated muscle extracts on normal Wistar rat soleus muscle. Extracts obtained 1 h, 2, 4 and 7 days after sectioning of the sciatic nerve were administered intraperitoneally over five consecutive days. Soleus muscles were routinely processed for morphological and morphometrical analysis using light microscopic(More)
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