Fermín Mira

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This paper describes the application of the boundary integral-resonant-mode expansion (BI-RME) method to the modeling of rectangular waveguides with metal insets. It extends to more complicated radially symmetric insets, a method recently introduced by the authors, for the simple case of a cylindric post. In this extension, a self-consistent new theory is(More)
This letter presents a novel approach for providing substrate-integrated waveguide tunable resonators by means of placing an additional metalized via-hole on the waveguide cavity. The via-hole contains an open-loop slot on the top metallic wall. The dimensions, position and orientation of the open-loop slot defines the tuning range. Fabrication of some(More)
A 2×4 substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) aperture coupled patch antenna array has been designed and fabricated. This antenna operates in the unlicensed band of 24 GHz for wireless backhaul or radar applications. The microstrip patches are aperture-coupled with the feeding network composed of two branches with 4-slots series fed array.
In this letter we propose a modified substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) zigzag filter topology, which allows the flexible introduction of extra cross-couplings between non adjacent resonators. This novel topology permits to control the location of the transmission zeros, thus improving the resulting filter selectivity. Therefore, it has been used to(More)
This work presents the design of a tunable oscillator circuit based on a mechanically tuned resonant cavity that allows varying the oscillation frequency by 2%-3% by means of a flap. The proposed tuning method is validated by implementing a substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) resonant cavity which is used as the resonator of an oscillator circuit operating(More)
In this paper, we present an efficient and rigorous method, based on the 3-D boundary integral-resonant-mode expansion technique, for the analysis of multiport rectangular waveguide junctions compensated with partial-height cylindrical metallic posts. The electrical performance of a great variety of commonly used wideband microwave circuits has been(More)
A substrate integrated waveguide resonator (SIW) is used to design a push-push oscillator. The SIW resonator presents a resonant mode at approximately half the output signal frequency. Due to the symmetry of the circuit architecture both an in-phase and an out of phase mode may exist, with the out of phase mode being the desired one, as the fundamental(More)
In this paper we present ULAND® testbed that consists of two European mask compliant impulse radio ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) transceivers with low data rate and medium range for data communication and distance measurement. The transmitter uses Time Hopping spread spectrum codes to reduce the peak to average ratio in the power spectral density and the(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for tuning substrate integrated waveguide resonators, realized by placing an additional metallized via-hole on the waveguide cavity. The approach presented here can be applied as a trimming technique, as well as to develop filter designs with tunable center frequencies and tunable bandwidths. Three different filters are(More)
An efficient full-wave method based on the 3D BI-RME (boundary integral-resonant mode expansion) technique for the accurate design of generalized probe-excited rectangular waveguides is presented. The flexibility of the developed CAD tool allows to analyze two common configurations frequently used in modern coaxial-fed microwave devices: conventional and(More)