Fermín L. Cruz

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Current approaches to single and cross-domain polarity classification usually use bag of words, n-grams or lexical resource-based classifiers. In this paper, we propose the use of meta-learning to combine and enrich those approaches by adding also other knowledge-based features. In addition to the aforementioned classical approaches, our system uses the(More)
In most tasks related to opinion mining and sentiment analysis, it is necessary to compute the semantic orientation (i.e., positive or negative evaluative implications) of certain opinion expressions. Recent works suggest that semantic orientation depends on application domains. Moreover, we think that semantic orientation depends on the specific targets(More)
This notebook discusses the approach to the Author Profiling task developed by the Italica group for PAN 2013. This system implements two different sets of classifiers which are combined later in order to build a final classifier that takes into account the decisions of the previous ones. The initial classifiers are focused on vector space representations(More)
This paper describes our experiments on Textual Entailment in the context of the Fourth Recognising Textual Entailment (RTE-4) Evaluation Challenge at TAC 2008 contest. Our system uses a Machine Learning approach with AdaBoost to deal with the RTE challenge. We perform a lexical, syntactic, and semantic analysis of the entailment pairs. From this(More)