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Massive gathering of clinical records started quite soon, at the turn of the last century, about 100 years ago. In that period keeping and gathering of medical records gradually evolved from paper medical records to computer-based medical records. Software that we use for this is quite different. We are witnessing tendency that each medical institution is(More)
In this case report, the boy with familiar spastic paraplegia, the relatively rare genetic disorder and Klinefelter syndrome that was found during investigation, has been presented. The diagnosis of the disease has been established by anamnesis, clinical features and relevant diagnostic procedures, so the criteria for autosomal dominant type of the familiar(More)
Early posttraumatic epilepsies (EPTE) are epileptic attacks that appear in first seven days after brain injury, with incidence of 3-5%. Predictors for development of EPTE are: impressive skull fracture with rupture of dura, intracranial haemorrhage, neurogical deficit (brain contusion), and posttraumatic amnesia longer than 24 hours. It is more common in(More)
Microdeletion syndromes are caused by chromosomal deletions of less than 5 megabases which can be detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). We evaluated the most commonly detected microdeletions for the period from June 01, 2008 to June 01, 2015 in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including DiGeorge, Prader-Willi/Angelman,(More)
In this study we analyzed the quality of metabolic control in 42 diabetic children aging 5-20 years (x 14 + 5.1) during the war 92/93 year. We estimated metabolic control in these patients by traditional methods: 24 hours glycaemia (every 3 months), 24 hours glycosuria and home monitoring of glycosuria (self-control 4 times daily) Glicolizated HbA1C and the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess growth and prevalence of anaemia in hospitalised children during the war in Sarajevo. DESIGN A random sample of children who were patients in the paediatric clinic over a period of six months (1 June to 31 December 1993) were anthropometrically measured and blood samples taken to determine prevalence of anaemia. SETTING The study was(More)
Vigabatrin has been in clinical use for 18 years. It has not been used widely in our country because of unavailability and costs of therapy. After the end of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina we started to use it in treatment of childhood epilepsies. We studied 19 patients that received vigabatrin as add on therapy and monotherapy. Follow up period was 6 months(More)
INTRODUCTION Neuroprotective benefit of therapeutic hypothermia in term newborns with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) was assessed by analyzing survival and neurodevelopmental outcome of neonates subjected to this procedure. MATERIAL AND METHODS Newborns with gestational age > 36 weeks and < 6 hours of age with moderate to severe asphyxial(More)
Hypoparathyreoidism of different etiology is the most common disorder of parathyreoidea. Symptoms caused by hypocalcemia are dominant and they are sign of disturbed neuromuscular balance. Alopecia is frequent disorder which occurs in the course of the illness. We report a case of five year old girl sent from Mostar because seizures incurable by(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to analyze prognostic indicators for mortality in neonates with seizures in a level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). PATIENTS AND METHODS A cohort of 100 neonates with clinically manifested seizures hospitalized in the NICU during 4 years period was prospectively monitored for the first year of life. The cohort(More)