Ferial Shayeganfar

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Until recently existing technologies enabling the integration of enterprise systems, use very few of the capabilities of modern research. For example, the activity of finding services, which should deliver expected enterprise functionality, has to be driven by humans. The process of assembling pieces of functionality into complex business processes also(More)
After the introduction of semantic Web concept in 2001 by Tim Berners-Lee there have been lots of efforts and researches to realize the semantic Web goals. According to initial vision and strategy statements, semantic Web will play the role of a complement for the current Web which is mostly understandable by human users. Semantic Web researchers intend to(More)
Business today is the crossing point of information which are originated or deducted from different information resources. The process of assembling pieces of functionality into complex business processes very often necessarily involves human interaction which in turn heavily depends on environment and domain-specific Knowledge. This paper deals with the(More)
The adsorption of trimesic acid (TMA) on a graphene surface has been studied with density functional theory. By considering the adsorption of a single TMA molecule on different sites on graphene, we have been able to perform a detailed analysis of the equilibrium geometry, charge transfer, electronic properties in terms of density of states and band(More)
The level crossing and inverse statistic analysis of German stock market index (DAX) and daily oil price time series a b s t r a c t The level crossing and inverse statistics analysis of DAX and oil price time series are given. We determine the average frequency of positive-slope crossings, ν + α , where T α = 1/ν + α is the average waiting time for(More)
The stack-assembly of trimesic acid molecules into a highly organized columnar structure and their adsorption on graphene has been investigated by a DFT-based ab initio calculation method. Trimesic acid (TMA, benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylic acid) constitutes an interesting building block for intermolecular hydrogen-bonding architecture by creating a strong net(More)
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