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AIMS Conductive disorders following open-heart valvular surgery represent serious complications that may require definitive pacemaker implantation. The natural history of these troubles is not well established thus, controversy persist concerning the timing of pacemaker implantation. In this study we identify the predictive factors of permanent conductive(More)
The double chambered right ventricle is a rare congenital abnormality. It creates an obstacle for the right ventricular ejection. The cardiac ultra sonography examination allows the diagnosis in most majority of cases. The angiography is performed in difficult cases. We report 3 cases of infundibular stenosis with normal interventricular septum. The(More)
Introduced in 1989, the myocardial doppler tissue imaging has now many clinical applications. Doppler tissue imaging explores the proper systolic and diastolic regional function of myocardial fibers. We can measure myocardial velocities by recording signals of low velocitiy and high magnitude, the strain and the strain rate are then derived from velocities.(More)
The stress echocardiography is used extensively as a diagnostic and prognostic tool and the assessment of ischemic cardiopathies. Its use in valvulopathies is more limited, but is increasing with time. The discrepancies between the functional symptoms and hemodynamics at rest is frequently met in patients with mitral stenosis. By assessing changes of(More)
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