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Rhoptry antigens are involved in a variety of cellular functions related to host cell invasion, formation of the parasitophorous vacuole and parasite-host cell interplay. The cDNA sequence of one of(More)
Recombinant NcPDI(recNcPDI), NcROP2(recNcROP2), and NcMAG1(recNcMAG1) were expressed in Escherichia coli and purified, and evaluated as potential vaccine candidates by employing the C57Bl/6 mouse(More)
We investigated the protective potential of recombinant his-tagged antigens recNcMIC1, recNcMIC3 and recNcROP2, applied either as single vaccines or as vaccine combinations, in BALB/c mouse models(More)
Recent publications demonstrated that a fragment of a Neospora caninum ROP2 family member antigen represents a promising vaccine candidate. We here report on the cloning of the cDNA encoding this(More)
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