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This study investigated the effects of chronic arsenic exposure on QT- and QTc-interval prolongation, QTc dispersion (QTcd) and transmural dispersion of repolarization (TDR). We compared cardiac parameters from 40 male subjects chronically exposed to arsenic (group A) with those of 40 male subjects not exposed to arsenic (group B). Although subjects in both(More)
Colchicine is a lipophilic alkaloid extract, which is isolated from Colchicum autumnale and Gloriosa superba. Colchicine has been using for centuries for the treatment of acute gout and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for gout prophylaxis and treatment of FMF, which can reduce the incidence of the primary complication, systemic(More)
Platelet (PLT) transfusions play an important role in patients with thrombocytopenia or severely impaired platelet function. Platelet concentrates are prepared from whole-blood donations or by plateletpheresis. In recent years, different instruments have been developed to perform plateletpheresis. We evaluated an apheresis instrument, the Haemonetics MCS(®)(More)
The use of apheresis equipment to collect platelets has rapidly increased in recent years. We compared two apheresis instruments (Haemonetics MCS + and Trima Accel) with regard to platelet (PLT) yield and efficiency, and collection rate (CR) in a retrospective study. Overall 120 data obtained by Haemonetics and Trima systems (N = 60 for each) were randomly(More)
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