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BACKGROUND Vectors based on human adenovirus serotype 5 (HAdV-5) continue to show promise as delivery vehicles for cancer gene therapy. Nevertheless, it has become clear that therapeutic benefit is directly linked to tumor-specific vector localization, highlighting the need for tumor-targeted gene delivery. Aberrant glycosylation of cell surface(More)
One strategy in cancer immunotherapy is to capitalize on the key immunoregulatory and antigen presenting capabilities of dendritic cells (DCs). This approach is dependent on efficient delivery of tumor specific antigens to DCs, which subsequently induce an anti-tumor T-cell mediated immune response. Human adenovirus serotype 5 (HAdV5) has been used in human(More)
BACKGROUND We evaluated the electrical activity of the corpus cavernosum after intracavernous papaverine injection in rats that had been denervated experimentally. METHODS Twenty-four male adult Sprague Dawley rats were divided into three groups: (i) controls (n=8) (ii) unilateral cavernous nerve resection on the right side (n=8); and (iii) bilateral(More)
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