Fergus Merritt

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Three-dimensional, unsteady, multi-zoned fluid dynamics simulations over full scale aircraft is typical of problems being computed at NASA Ames' Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation (NAS) facility on CRAY2 and CRAY-YMP supercomputers. With multiple processor workstations available in the 10-30 Mflop range, we feel that these new developments in scientific(More)
Tools specifically oriented toward flow analysis problems are described. The approach is oriented toward performing graphics calculations on the supercomputer and using high-end workstations as rendering engines to display flow fields generated by aircraft flight. A suite of software provides both display and interactive analysis capability. Also described(More)
After the rst positive results of 1993, the RD34 collaboration pursued additional R&D on the eld of sampling hadron calorimetry. The proposed calorimeter, adopted by the ATLAS experiment, uses steel as absorber and scintillating tiles placed in planes perpendicular to the colliding beams. Its mechanical design, component tests, scintillator properties and(More)
<italic>Recent advances in computer graphics hardware and software have resulted in major improvements in our ability to experience computer simulations of physics by viewing dynamic three-dimensional scenes representing the simulations. This paper describes the hardware and software tools and techniques in use at NASA's Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation(More)
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