Ferghal McVerry

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The importance of LMF in the outcome after acute ischemic stroke is increasingly recognized, but imaging presents a wide range of options for identification of collaterals and there is no single system for grading collateral flow. The aim of this study was to systematically review the literature on the available methods for measuring(More)
BACKGROUND In randomised trials testing treatments for acute ischaemic stroke, imaging markers of tissue reperfusion and arterial recanalisation may provide early response indicators. OBJECTIVE To determine the predictive value of structural, perfusion and angiographic imaging for early and late clinical outcomes and assess practicalities in three(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Computed tomography perfusion provides information on tissue viability according to proposed thresholds. We evaluated thresholds for ischemic core and tissue at risk and subsequently tested their accuracy in independent datasets. MATERIALS AND METHODS Tissue at risk was evaluated in patients with persistent arterial occlusions, and(More)
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