Fergal Lane

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Spleen cells of mice infected with Listeria monocytogenes were adoptively transferred to normal mice. Such lymphocytes conferred resistance to a lethal challenge with Listeria. Hyperimmunization of the donor reduces the number of cells necessary to transfer effective immunity. Such spleen cells if treated with anti-theta serum do not transfer resistance to(More)
Pancreatic pseudocysts are notorious for their extension beyond the normal confines of the pancreatic bed. Their inferior extension has been known to involve kidney and ureter. However, involvement of the bladder and rectum is unique although understandable on anatomic grounds. We report an enormous pseudocyst with extension deep into the pelvis to displace(More)
Configuring an Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) can be a haphazard and inefficient process. An EA practitioner may have to choose between a plethora of search operator types and other parameter settings. In contrast, the goal of EA principled design is a more streamlined and systematic design methodology, which first seeks to better understand the problem(More)