Fereydoun Lakestani

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Full-field optical coherence tomography ͑OCT͒ using a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor ͑CMOS͒ camera with an integrated a digital signal processor ͑DSP͒ is demonstrated. The CMOS-DSP camera employed is typically used in machine vision applications and is based on an array of 1024ϫ 1024 direct readout pixels that are randomly addressable in space and(More)
If little is known about the sample under test, ascertaining a quantitative material true stress–true strain relationship from a small punch test is not direct. Conventional inverse simulation methods have used experimental force–displacement curves that ignore the deformation shape of the punched sample. We present small punch test methodology and results(More)
—This paper describes the characterization, mod-eling, and application of a direct-readout complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) camera in white-light in-terferometry (WLI). The camera that was used consisted of a direct-readout 1024 × 1024 pixel logarithmic CMOS sensor. A continuous analog voltage from each pixel was converted to an 8-bit value by(More)
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