Ferenc Pongrácz

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An analytical, recursive method has been developed to demonstrate the anisotropic electrotonic geometry of nerve cells containing varicose or spiny dendrites. The procedure has been based on the distribution of the core geometry of dendrites into modules which consist of module elements where the physical length is much shorter than the actual space(More)
Passive electrotonic activity of anatomically complex nerve cells has been computed through a simplified anisotropic "smoothing" of the original structures. The algorithm for this "smoothing" involves a recursive matching of the amplitude, zero and pole of the input impedances for each segment. This algorithm can be used for both spatially and/or(More)
The computational background for analysing the passive, subthreshold properties of fine-scale ramifications such as "en-passant" and "terminal ladder" type chains of boutons and spiny dendrites is presented. The segment-by-segment approximation of a cable composed of serial or parallel chains of identical units (modules) is based on the cable(More)
Computer modelling technique is proposed to assist in physiological research on invertebrate neuronal membranes. The firing mechanism of a single patch of invertebrate neuronal membrane has been studied in dependence on maximum Ca++ conductance. The calculations are based on modification of Hodgkin-Huxley's data completed by a straight line approximation(More)
In spite of the fact that the participation of well defined ionic particles in generating convulsive unit discharges is established, there is a gap between the data on ionic movements and on first-order statistics of firing patterns. Our aim was to tight this gap by studying the effectiveness of functionally separated electrical conductances of membrane(More)
Epileptogenic activity was induced by topical application of 3-Ap on the somatosensory cortex of anaesthetized cats. Surface epileptiform events were recorded and single cell activity was studied with intracellular electrodes both in the primary and in the mirror focus. Surface records showed that soon after the onset of paroxysmal activity in the primary(More)