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He teaches computer programming, computer security and computer networks. His research interest is based on computer viruses: mathematical model of computer viruses, automatic methods for analyzing computer viruses. Abstract In real computers the operating system organizes the connection between the unique programs. In most operating systems a program can(More)
About the Author Ferenc Leitold has graduated at Technical University of Budapest in 1991. He received his Ph.D. at Technical University of Budapest too, in 1997 in the theme of computer viruses. Currently he teaches in the Department of Information Systems at Veszprém University. He teaches computer programming, computer security and computer networks. His(More)
The number of web threats increased in large measure in the last few years. It is not related to the PC based threats only, new operating systems of handy devices are in danger as well. In this paper testing methods of web threat protections are discussed. A unique anti-malware testing procedure has been developed under the aegis of CheckVir Lab. This(More)
Most information attacks come from the Internet these days; they spread through networks of different types and extensions. The quantity of malware of a size of several hundred millions require more and more refined and complex solutions and tools of protection. The products sold as virus protection programs in the 80s have become complex systems by today.(More)
Nowadays, the security problem of computer networks is bigger and bigger. There are threats using manual and purpose-designed tools as well. Attacks on computer networks usually use the communication among computers and computer users as well. For example, they are the worms spreading by using email messages, malware using botnet networks and attacks based(More)
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