Ferenc Krisztián Kálmán

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A monoclonal antibody raised against an extract from the Ganglion Nodosum of the chick and designated G1N2 proves to bind specifically to a subpopulation of cardiomyocytes in the embryonic human(More)
The spatial distribution of alpha- and beta-myosin heavy chain isoforms (MHCs) was investigated immunohistochemically in the embryonic human heart between the 4th and the 8th week of development. The(More)
A series of low molecular weight lanthanide complexes were developed that have high (1)H longitudinal relaxivities (r1) and the potential to be used as dual frequency (1)H and (19)F MR probes. Their(More)
A cyclen-based ligand containing trans-acetate and trans-methylenephosphonate pendant groups, H 6DO2A2P, was synthesized and its protonation constants (12.6, 11.43, 5.95, 6.15, 2.88, and 2.77) were(More)
Two assays for the quantitative determination of the neutral and amino-monosaccharides attached to a therapeutic glycoprotein were developed using capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) and RP-HPLC.(More)