Ferenc Horváth

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Code coverage measurement is an important element in white-box testing, both in industrial practice and academic research. Other related areas are highly dependent on code coverage as well, including test case generation, test prioritization, fault localization, and others. Inaccuracies of a code coverage tool sometimes do not matter that much but in(More)
Regression test suites of evolving software systems are often crucial to maintaining software quality in the long term. They have to be effective in terms of detecting faults and helping their localization. However, to gain knowledge of such capabilities of test suites is usually difficult. We propose a method for deeper understanding of a test suite and(More)
Software testing is a very important activity in the software development life cycle. Numerous general black-and white-box techniques exist to achieve different goals and there are a lot of practices for different kinds of software. The testing of embedded systems, however, raises some very special constraints and requirements in software testing. Special(More)
Making forecasts about biodiversity and giving support to policy relies increasingly on large collections of data held electronically, and on substantial computational capability and capacity to analyse, model, simulate and predict using such data. However, the physically distributed nature of data resources and of expertise in advanced analytical tools(More)
Regression test suites of evolving software systems play a key role in maintaining software quality throughout continuous changes. They need to be effective (in terms of detecting faults and helping their localization) and efficient (optimally sized and without redundancy) at the same time. However, test suite quality attributes are usually difficult to(More)
Ecosystem functioning, climate change, and multiple interactions among biogeochemical cycles, climate system, site conditions and land use options are leading-edge topics in recent environmental modelling. Terrestrial ecosystem models are widely used to support carbon sequestration and ecosystem studies under various ecological circumstances. Our team uses(More)
Software product lines achieve much shorter time to market by system level reuse and code variability. A possible way to achieve this flexibility is to use generic components, including the core system, in different products in alternative configurations. The focus of testing efforts for such complex and highly variable systems often shifts from testing(More)
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