Ferenc Horváth

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Structural analysis of K+ channel pores suggests that the selectivity filter of the pore is an inherent sensor for extracellular K+ (Ko+); channels seem to be inactivated at low Ko+ because of a destabilization of the conducting state and a collapse of the pore. In the present study, the effect of depleting Ko+ on the activity of a plant K+ channel, KAT1,(More)
The increase in the speed of land-cover change experienced worldwide is becoming a growing concern. Major socio-economic transitions, such as the breakdown of socialism in Europe, may lead to particularly high rates of landscape transformations. In this paper we examined the loss of semi-natural grasslands in Hungary between 1987 and 1999. We studied the(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous previous studies have investigated the lifestyle and self-perceived health status of medical students. This study examined whether students' country of origin contributed to their mental health and health risk behaviour. METHODS We conducted our cross-sectional questionnaire survey over four consecutive years (2009-2012). The target(More)
BACKGROUND Physical and mental health is important for coping with the high requirements of medical studies that are associated with a higher risk for severe stress, insomnia, smoking, harmful alcohol consumption and easier access to drugs. Health behaviors of medical students influence not just their own health but also the health of their future patients.(More)
Regression test suites of evolving software systems are often crucial to maintaining software quality in the long term. They have to be effective in terms of detecting faults and helping their localization. However, to gain knowledge of such capabilities of test suites is usually difficult. We propose a method for deeper understanding of a test suite and(More)
Software testing is a very important activity in the software development life cycle. Numerous general black-and white-box techniques exist to achieve different goals and there are a lot of practices for different kinds of software. The testing of embedded systems, however, raises some very special constraints and requirements in software testing. Special(More)
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