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  • F. Brachmann
  • 2012
Indoor geolocation technologies are being developed at an ever increasing rate. The ability to provide the function of geolocation of a mobile device without the need for external hardware has been a great challenge to researchers and technology companies alike. The challenge stems from the fact that none of the available technologies within mobile handsets(More)
— With the constant platform fragmentation in the global smartphone and tablet market, providing a multi-platform indoor positioning technology is and ever more complex task. RSSI-based hybrid indoor positioning technologies provide hope for a unified indoor positioning solution without the need for calibrating each and every device manually before use. But(More)
Two bone defects were bored into the lower border of the mandible in 15 cats in the state of total narcosis. One of the two lesions was filled with collagen, which contained fibrin; the other was left untreated for control purposes. After an observation period of 4.5 months the animals were killed. The lumina filled with collagen containing fibrin showed a(More)